Keyboard shortcuts

This section describes the shortcuts that are available for power users in the Content Studio.


Press F2 to reveal all available shortcuts for a view

Browse View

Content grid MAC OSX Windows
New content Alt+N Alt+N
Select/unselect content Space Space
Edit selected content Cmd+E or Enter Ctrl+E or Enter
Delete selected content Cmd+Del Ctrl+Del
Preview selected content Alt+Space Ctrl+Alt+Space
Publish selected content Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+P

Content Editor

Edit content wizard MAC OSX Windows
Save content Cmd+S Ctrl+S
Save content and close wizard tab Cmd+Enter Ctrl+Enter
Close wizard tab Alt+W Alt+W
Delete content Cmd+Del Ctrl+Del
Preview content Alt+Space Ctrl+Alt+Space
Publish content Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+P

Rich Text Editor

HtmlArea editor MAC OSX Windows
Cut Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Copy Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Paste as text Shift+Cmd+V Shift+Ctrl+V
Select All Cmd+A Ctrl+A
Bold Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Italic Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Underline Cmd+U Ctrl+U
H1 Cmd+Alt+1 Ctrl+Shift+1
H2 Cmd+Alt+2 Ctrl+Shift+2
H3 Cmd+Alt+3 Ctrl+Shift+3
H4 Cmd+Alt+4 Ctrl+Shift+4
H5 Cmd+Alt+5 Ctrl+Shift+5
H6 Cmd+Alt+6 Ctrl+Shift+6
Paragraph Cmd+Shift+7 Ctrl+Shift+7
Div Cmd+Shift+8 Ctrl+Shift+8
Address Cmd+Shift+9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Undo Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Cmd+Y / Cmd+Shift+Z Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z
Focus to toolbar Alt+F10 Alt+F10
Focus to element path Alt+F11 Alt+F11
Insert link Cmd+K Ctrl+K
Insert image Cmd+L Ctrl+L
Find Cmd+F Ctrl+F