Release Notes

Enonic XP 6.4 is a minor release, with several exciting new features and fixes - there are no breaking changes

Enonic Market

Enonic Market is now available, indirectly a part of Enonic XP - providing easy access to applications, libraries and starters built by Enonic or other 3rd party vendors. Market applications can even be installed directly from XP. Check it out:


New App installer

Applications can now be installed directly from the “Applications” admin tool. This applies both to local application files, and applications shared in the Enonic Market. For clustered installations, applications will automatically be distributed and started on all cluster nodes! The system still supports local deployments. Local deployments will override apps installed centrally - i.e. for development or testing purposes.

Application configuration is still handled on file.

Read more about Installing an application


Pluggable Admin Tools

Enonic XP now supports 3rd party admin tools - (previously admin apps). Each tool is now running in a separate browser tab, allowing developers to pick and choose their favorite front-end technology. Read the documentation for how to get started with Admin Tools.

Launcher and Home page

The home page is now available as a separate tool, featuring a new tools launcher panel. The launcher panel is easily embedded in other tools - providing global navigation capabilities. The home page currently only serves the purpose of being a start page for choosing other tools - but will provide exciting features in upcoming releases.


Page Editor

Navigation and user interaction inside Page Editor have been significantly improved to be more intuitive and not take away attention from the components being edited by giving them more focus and space. We’ve also changed component interaction behaviour and styling to be consistent between the Page Editor and the Page Components view.

Contextual Navigation

Editors may now navigate directly in the preview area to find what they are looking for, and then click edit. The content navigation panel (to the left) will update selection as the user navigates the site.

Experimental Websocket support

It is now possible to create and use WebSockets in XP apps. This support is experimental and details may change for future releases. Feel free to test it out and give us feedback so we can implement this the best way. More details on Websockets.


  • lib-content now features a publish function (push content from draft to master branch)

Minor improvements

  • Improved organizing of development resources for application projects - see Project structure. Developer assets/ libs/ and services/ should now be placed on resources/ root - not within sites/ - see Upgrading to 6.4
  • XSLT Transformations support in toolbox import utility (Apply transformation to import XML on a per-node basis)
  • New input type - AttachmentUploader - Add attachments directly from a form - see Input Types
  • New “abstract” property for media:document content types (Enabling presentation/indexing of a document abstract)
  • New “tags” property for all media:* content-types (Enables tagging and search across media)
  • Usability improvements for page editor - removed shader, faster selections and context menu on right-click
  • Page Component - Highlighting with dashed borders and show text extract from text components
  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 1.5.2
  • JVM now autoselects memory HEAP size - no longer using fixed default values


For a complete list of changes see