Javascript LibrariesΒΆ

This section describes the various standard libraries shipped with Enonic XP. The libraries are included in your application through the Gradle build script like this:

dependencies {
  include 'com.enonic.xp:<name>:6.4.3'

Where name is the name of the library. Here’s a list of available libraries:

  • lib-auth
  • lib-cache
  • lib-content
  • lib-context
  • lib-http-client
  • lib-i18n
  • lib-io
  • lib-mail
  • lib-mustache
  • lib-portal
  • lib-thymeleaf
  • lib-xslt
  • lib-websocket

To include both lib-mail and lib-content you can add both inside the dependency list like this:

dependencies {
  include 'com.enonic.xp:lib-mail:6.4.3'
  include 'com.enonic.xp:lib-content:6.4.3'


The server-side JavaScript reference documentation can be accessed using the following links: