The init-project tool initializes a new application project structure by retrieving a Git repository, removing all references to the Git repository, and adapting its build file properties (


        toolbox init-project - Initiates an Enonic XP application project

        toolbox init-project [-a <authentication>]
            [(-c <checkout> | --checkout <checkout>)]
            [(-d <destination> | --destination <destination>)]
            (-n <name> | --name <name>)
            (-r <repository> | --repository <repository>)
            [(-v <version> | --version <version>)]

        -a <authentication>
            Optional authentication token for basic authentication (user:password)

        -c <checkout>, --checkout <checkout>
            Branch or commit to checkout.

        -d <destination>, --destination <destination>
            Optional destination path to create your project, if not specified current
            directory will be used

        -n <name>, --name <name>
            Unique qualifying name that will be given to your application i.e.
   NOTE: Choose the name carefully as changing it at a later
            point in time will require updating your content too.

        -v <version>, --version <version>
            Optional version number that will be set in your application project, if not
            used 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT will be set

        -r <repository>, --repository <repository>
            Git repository you wish to use as starting point. Supports both full urls to
            any standard xp git-hosted project, or optionally a GitHub repository path
            (account/repo) - account defaults to "enonic" if not specified


$ init-project -d ~/Dev/xp/apps/myApp -n -v 0.9.0 -r -c 1.0.0
$ init-project -n -v 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT -r enonic/starter-base
$ init-project -n -r starter-base