LocalTime represents a time without time-zone in the ISO-8601 calendar, e.g 11:39:49. LocalTime-properties are stored as a ISO LocalTime-formatted string in the index, thus all searches are done against string-values.

LocalTime string-format:


LocalTime string value examples:


Since the queries are matching string-values, the input time in query must either adhere the same string-format restrictions, or be wrapped in a function time which accepts a time-formatted string as input.

Given a node with a property named ‘myLocalTime’ of type localTime and value = 09:36:00, all the following queries will match:

myLocalTime > '09:00'
myLocalTime = '09:36'
myLocalTime = '09:36:00'
myLocalTime LIKE '09:*'
myLocalTime < '09:36:01'
myLocalTime < '09:36:00.1'

This must be wrapped in time-function since its not padded with a leading 0:

myLocalTime > time('9:00')

If optional fractions of seconds are given, the string format will also contain this even if 0, and expression will not match unless wrapped in time-function:

myLocalTime = time('09:36:00.0')

Even if the string-matching will do the job 99% of the time, the safest bet is to always go with the time-function when applicable.