Querying paths

All nodes have three system-properties concerning the node placement in a branch, all of type String:

  • _name: The node name without path.
  • _parentPath: The parent node path.
  • _path: The full path of the node.

See the query-function pathMatch for advanced path-matching


When working with content, all paths are under a special root containing content; /content.

While this mostly is explicit when working in the content-domain, this has to be dealt with when using paths in query-expressions and functions since you are actually querying nodes.


Finds node with path /content/mySite/myCategory/myContent.

_path = '/content/mySite/myCategory/myContent'

Finds all nodes with name myContent in a folder named myCategory e.g /content/test/thisIsMyCategory/myContent and /content/myCategory/myContent.

_name = 'myContent' AND _parentPath LIKE '*myCategory'

Finds all nodes under the path /content/mySite/myCategory including children of children.

_path LIKE '/content/mySite/myCategory/*'

Finds only first level children under the path /content/mySite/myCategory.

_parentPath = '/content/mySite/myCategory'