Applications and libraries commonly use files that will be delivered to the client (typically web browsers) without being modified. Examples are icons, css files, javascript files etc. Enonic XP provides a standard and optimized approach to serving assets across applications.

Developers simply place the files they want to use into their project’s /src/main/resources/assets/ folder. These files can then be dynamically accessed through the asset service. The asset service is typically available through _/asset/<myapp>/path/to/myasset.ext.

The assetUrl() portal function lets you easily create links to assets.

assetUrl({path [,application] [,type] [,params]})
  • path (string) – Path to the asset.
  • application (string) – Application where the asset exists. Default is current application.
  • type (string) – URL type. Either server (server-relative URL) or absolute. Default is server.
  • params (object) – Custom parameters to append to the url.

The relative or absolute URL to the asset.


The detailed API documentation may be found here.