HTTP Response

The response object is the value returned by an HTTP controller - as a response to an HTTP Request.

  "status": 200,
  "body": "Hello World",
  "contentType": "text/plain",
  "headers": {
      "key": "value"
  "cookies": {},
  "redirect": "/another/page",
  "pageContributions": {},
  "postProcess": true,
  "applyFilters": true
HTTP response status code (default is 200).
HTTP message body of the response that can either be a string or a JavaScript object.
MIME type of the body (defaults to text/plain; charset=utf-8).
Name/value pairs with the HTTP headers to be added to the response.
HTTP cookies to be added to the response. Will be described in a later section.
URI to redirect to. If specified, the value will be set in the “Location” header and the status will be set to 303.
A special filter available for sites and page components allowing page components to contribute html to the main page markup. See Page Contributions
Post-processing is a special filter for sites and pages, if enabled it will reprosess a page looking for page contributions and rendering components in a page. (See also Page Contributions) (default is true). Set to false if you want to speed up page rendering in cases where there are no regions or page components.
Whether or not to execute the filters after rendering. Set to false to skip execution of filters. (See also Response Filters) (default is true).