We´re huge devop fans - and devops love Docker. Docker is the most popular application container platform in the world. For your convenience, we build Docker images of every Enonic XP release.


Install Docker

Running Enonic XP with Docker actually requires access to a Docker container - now, that’s a surprise!


Docker version 1.8.1 or newer is required to complete this guide

If you don’t already have a Docker up and running, we recommend reading the brilliant documentation on how to get started with Docker:

Start Server

Launch Enonic XP on Docker

With Docker up and running, installing Enonic XP is as smooth as baby skin. Execute the commands below in your terminal/shell to get going.

  • Create a storage container for configuration files, applications and data (XP_HOME)
docker run -it --name xp-home enonic/xp-home
  • Install and start Enonic XP, mounting the xp-home volume
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --volumes-from xp-home --name xp-app enonic/xp-app

This will download the latest stable Enonic XP image, start it, and map it to port 8080 on your docker-host. You can optionally add :<versionnumber> at the end of the command to launch a specific version of Enonic XP - i.e.

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --volumes-from xp-home --name xp-app enonic/xp-app:6.15.7

Check out our Project page at Docker Hub for more info.

Log In

Start by pointing your browser to http://<mydockercontainer>:8080

Click on “CREATE ADMIN USER…”, fill out the form and click on “CREATE ADMIN USER”.

After the creation, you should see the following screen, with the launcher panel to the right:


Add Sample Apps

If this is the first time you launch XP - the welcome tour will automatically launch. If it does not start, simply click the tour icon at top left of the home screen.

  • Click through each step of the welcome tour
  • On the last step, click the Install button
  • Once the applications are installed, click finish

Visit Enonic Market

Find more on Enonic Market

If you want to try other applications, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Applications tool from the launcher panel to the right
  • Click Install from the menu (top left)
  • Browse to find the applications you are looking for and click Install

You may also visit Enonic market directly on

Next Steps

Congratulations on getting started :-)

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