For Developers

This section describes how to install Enonic XP on any operating system. This is also the recommended approach for setting up a development environment. If you have any problems, please look at our Troubleshooting section.

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Install Java


To run Enonic XP, you need Java 8 (also known as Java 1.8). Install Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8.92 or newer. Java 9 is not supported and XP will not start on it!

Check JDK Version

If you’re not sure what JDK version you have (or even if you have one), run the following in your terminal/shell:

javac -version

This should produce a response such as: “javac 1.8.0_112”

Having problems with your existing Java installation? Check out our Troubleshooting Java documentation.

Optionally Install Java

If it turns out you’re on the wrong java version, follow these steps

Download Enonic XP

Enonic XP is available in a simple universal distribution file - running on all plaforms (Windows, Linux, OSX etc)

Command-line version (OSX/Linux only):

curl -O
cd enonic-xp-6.15.5

Next - let’s get the server started

Start the server

Now that the software has been downloaded, you’re ready to start the server - start the respective file from command line.

Linux and OS X:

[XP Installation Folder]/bin/


[XP Installation Folder]\bin\server.bat

This will start Enonic XP. When successfully started, the following will appear at the end of the log:

12:53:14.302 INFO  c.e.x.l.framework.FrameworkService - Started Enonic XP in 7378 ms

Log In

Click on “CREATE ADMIN USER…”, fill out the form and click on “CREATE ADMIN USER”.

After the creation, you should see the following screen, with the launcher panel to the right:


Add Sample Apps

If this is the first time you launch XP - the welcome tour will automatically launch. If it does not start, simply click the tour icon at top left of the home screen.

  • Click through each step of the welcome tour
  • On the last step, click the Install button
  • Once the applications are installed, click finish

Visit Enonic Market

Find more on Enonic Market

If you want to try other applications, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Applications tool from the launcher panel to the right
  • Click Install from the menu (top left)
  • Browse to find the applications you are looking for and click Install

You may also visit Enonic market directly on

Next Steps

Congratulations on getting started :-)

If you’re ready for some more fun, we recommend looking into the following:


Verify that you comply with the minimum requirements for running XP on your local machine


General Requirements

  • Any OS supporting the required version of Java (Mac, Linux, Windows etc)
  • At least 1 GB of available memory
  • HTTP port 8080 should be available (this can be changed if needed, see Configuration)