Install as service

When installing Enonic XP on a standard production server, you will want to set it up to run as a service.

First, make sure the correct version of Java is installed on your system. See Install Java for guidance.


Install with script


The script is written for and tested on Ubuntu / CentOS. For other distrubutions, the manual installation may be neccessary.

  • User with sudo rights
  • Java JRE 1.8+ installed
  • /lib/lsb/init-functions installed
  1. Download the Enonic XP distribution
  2. Unzip the distributiopn
  3. Run script: sudo ./enonic-xp-6.15.7/service/
  4. Optional: Set JAVA_HOME and JAVA_OPTS variables in /etc/xp.conf
  5. Start service: sudo service xp start
  6. Check log: sudo tail -f /home/xp/enonic/xp/logs/server.log

Manual installation

See Linux install as service detailed


Info on running XP as a service in windows will come later.