Toolbox CLI


If you have enabled the Virtual Host Configuration, /api has to be accessible for the toolbox CLI to communicate with the server

The toolbox is a CLI (command line interface) tool that is used to do administration tasks. Toolbox executables are located in $XP_INSTALL/toolbox folder. Use for mac/unix environments and toolbox.bat for windows environments.

To get help for the commands, just type the following:

$ ./
usage: toolbox <command> [<args>]

The most commonly used toolbox commands are:
        delete-snapshots   Deletes snapshots, either before a given timestamp or by name.
        dump               Export data from every repository.
        export             Export data for a specified path.
        help               Display help information
        import             Import data from a named export.
        init-project       Initiates an Enonic XP application project.
        install-app        Install an application from URL or file
        list-snapshots     Returns a list of existing snapshots with name and status.
        load               Import data from a dump.
        reindex            Reindex content in search indices for the given repository and branches.
        reprocess          Reprocesses content in the repository.
        restore            Restores a snapshot of a previous state of the repository.
        set-read-only      Toggle read-only mode for server or single repository
        set-replicas       Set the number of replicas in the cluster.
        snapshot           Stores a snapshot of the current state of the repository.
        upgrade            Upgrade a dump to the current version. The upgraded files will be written to <dumpFolderName>_upgraded_<version>
        vacuum             Removes unused blobs and binaries from blobstore

        See 'toolbox help <command>' for more information on a specific command.

To get help for a specific command, you can type help <command>, like:

$ help import

Here’s a list of all the commands that you can do with the toolbox: