Import data from a named export into Enonic XP at the desired content path. The export read has to be stored in the $XP_HOME/data/export directory. See Export and Import for more information on content export/import.


        toolbox import - Import data from a named export.

        toolbox import -a <auth> [-h <host>] [-p <port>] -s <exportName>
                [--scheme <scheme>] [--skip-permissions] [--skipids] -t <targetRepoPath>
                [-xslParam <xslParam>...] [-xslSource <xslSource>]

        -a <auth>
            Authentication token for basic authentication (user:password).

        -h <host>
            Host name for server (default is localhost).

        -p <port>
            Port number for server (default is 8080).

        -s <exportName>
            A named export to import.

        --scheme <scheme>
            Scheme (default is http).

            Flag that skips permissions.

            Flag that skips ids.

        -t <targetRepoPath>
            Target path for import. Format:
            <repo-name>:<branch-name>:<node-path>. e.g 'cms-repo:draft:/'

        -xslParam <xslParam>
            Parameter to pass to the XSL transformations before importing nodes.
            Format: <parameter-name>=<parameter-value> . e.g.

        -xslSource <xslSource>
            Path to xsl file (relative to <XP_HOME>/data/export) for applying
            transformations to node.xml before importing.


$ ./ import -a su:password -s myExport -t cms-repo:draft:/
$ ./ import -a su:password -s mySiteExport -t cms-repo:draft:/content


An XSL file and a set of name=value parameters can be optionally passed for applying transformations to each node.xml file, before importing it.

This option could for example be used for renaming types or fields. The .xsl file must be located in the $XP_HOME/data/export directory.